Jason Quarterly News (Excerpt)

In fourth quarter 2011, Jason Components Group grew with the addition of Morton Manufacturing Company, a Libertyville, Illinois-based manufacturer of slip-resistant walking surfaces. With Morton now included in the Components portfolio, Jason has expanded its capabilities in metal conversion, increased the number of end markets we serve, and created increased value for our existing customers. What's more, the company's track-record of high performance is an obvious asset.


At the onset of 2012, Morton got to work implementing the Jason Business System. By leveraging the Operational Excellence Council, the company was able to quickly ensure that Jason standards were in place on the shop floor. These modifications helped to generate a dramatic improvement in on-time deliveries - from 60% to more than 95% - while the number of accidents in the plant were cut in half. And, through the implementation of a more targeted sales strategy, we've met our goal of increasing the ratio of railroad to industrial customers by 20% year-over-year. In 2013, we'll focus on increasing our penetration of rail even further by focusing on tank cars and auto racks.



~David A. Cataldi, President of Jason Components Group

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